About The Pixie Collective


 Welcome  :)


The Pixie Collective is an idea formed by two Australian Pixies, whilst sitting in a flooded market stall, watching rain pound down and hearing marquees break, these pixies decided there must be a better way to get their unique and amazing tribal pixie and faerie gear to the people...

So they considered a shop, a home, safe and dry and open all year round. Then they considered their journeys and the difficulties they had faced as independent artists trying to make a living. So they decided to create a space that would be available to other pixies as well. A space where crafters, makers and artists could pay a small fee for their perfect space, set their own prices, decide what to stock, decorate to reflect their work and keep all their profits. Together they could afford a space to support all these amazing independent artists. They could use their collective pixie and faerie powers to market to the people and help their businesses grow. They could work together in co-corporation rather than in fear of competition. In this place they could be recognised for the hard work they put in; as every customer would know that their purchase was made consciously and with love and is therefore unique and precious.


Welcome to the Pixie realms!

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 This page of our webshop is dedicated to saying a big special thankyou to the following amazing supporters of our Pozible Project for believing in us and making our shop move possible:

Hayley Sharp, Jane Jackson, Lenora Finglass, Kate Opitz, Danii Cook, 
Kat Kelly-Kobes, Michael Scarlett, Jenny Hall, Gill n Rosie Kingsley, Jonathan Carmi, Rachel By The Stream, Michael Fitzgerald, Kellie, Celia Vass, Louise Greenlees, Damien Snell, Anne-Marie Calvi, Katrina Wilson, Brendan Angelo, Kellie Changes, Robyn Rogalski, Ella Shannon, Beth Strang, Bronwen Hilton, Pip Simpson, Tye Grace, Robbie Pateman, Claire Swallow, Shelley Egberts, Kat Selena, Kellie Tracey, Taylors Hill Natural Therapies & Massage, Madeleine, Ann Cowell, Trinity Jean, Claire Swallow, Jenny Prust, Bakki Boo, Chris Wood, Simone K Boyd, Kerry Baker, Fern Rainbow, Bakki Boo, Zjael Adoni, Claudine Hayes, Katrina Wilson, Myvanwy Elias, Summer Reece, Jess Liew, Asher Webb, Madeleine Hardy, Amy OBrien, Jess Lee, Lauren Mills, Belinda Repsys-Thom, Dave Massie, Laura Calderone, Martha Byrne, Sophie Birks, Laila Hugrass, Tony Dal Masetto, Darren New,Kath Adams, Fern Rainbow, Susan Denham, Damion de Soto, Fi Hocking, Gosia Anderst, EveN DawN, Lee Schott, Bek Grundy, Trine Eclipse, Hannah Liza-Kate Ridge, Megumi Fletcher, Julie Harpur, Benjammin' Kerr, MindygirL, Gypsy Faerie, Pirates Dreaming, Kylie Bush, Amanda Harris, Nick & Beccy Price,Meg Smith, Sharron, George Psaros, Serena Fischer, David Potsy, Joanna Brown, Eve Lyn, Jessie Skillicorn, Kimberley Roberts, Kim Russell, Enchanted Gifts, Tracy Marcuzzi, Petra Markel, Cassandra Howden, Germaine Chan, Chris Verzantvoort,Catherine Compost, Catherine Paquet,Toby Schott, Tamara Mocnay, Saba Melaya, Enchanted Gifts, Matt Leaf, Moira Stanley, Alan Greenlees, Joan Bucknell, Jo Gaskell, Kylie Bayens, Victoria FaeryFloss, Heidi Challinor, Brendan Angelo, Bronwyn Morris, Talika Ananda, Faerie Cara, Becky Bee, Yona Neville, Lisa Czapnik, Eli Wylde, Stephanie Holdsworth, Kimmy O'Meara, Lee Schott, Jacquey Spalding, Felix Greenlees, Ella Shannon, Michelle Rowland, Rebecca Dungan, Lauren, Gaelle Bazire, Anna Jeffrey, Shannon Harpur, Zucchini Clan, C.Wallace, Coskun Coskun, Asher Webb, Nay Cananzi, Slytrance Aaron, Yarran Jenkins, Lily Westmore, Katie Jane, Jessica Juniper, Fern Rainbow, Jojo Murphy, Lenora Finglass, Jacqueline Jones, KImmy Hayward, Jeremy Garnett, Angela Du Toit, Itsuki ShadowMountain, Richard Harvey, Ann Dando, Pearl Davies Studios, Joe Schmidt, Evan Xen Ochren, Derek, Brigid Dolan, Cassandra Howden, Jess Stainton, Dan Kelly, Sharron, Kimmie Hayward, Tarsh Bancroft, Yael Myerson Textiles, Daryl Moulder, Michelle Del Masetto, Marco Bantick, Frances van Kollenburg, Duane Allam, Oliver Hughes, Aba Claire Dabra, Jacqueline Smith, Shelley Egberts, Renee Allpress, Annie Harpur, Ronnie Semo, Lee Shott, Erling Gronhaug, Nettie Grey, Gosia Anderst, David Bennett, Tess Cover, Abbey Laird, Sarah Rainbowface, Renee Allpress, Karen Carney, Peter Evans, Sverre Andreas Holbye, Danii Cook, Fern Rainbow, Karen Carney, Victoria FaeryFloss, Jen Greenthumb, Fiona Colbert, Andras Kovacs and Gaelle Bazire!                          


And big thanks to all the following pixies and businesses who so generously donated their amazing creations for us to offer up as Rewards:

Seahorse Circus Creations, Culture Jam, Rhythmik, Leafy Seadragons, Terrafractyl, Sha Creations, Pixilated Pyros, Katie Moore, Lunaozi, Mothra, Leafy Creations, Tidabella Monkey, George, Off with their Feathers, Imago, Positive Thought, Up Records, Pweky, Dreamistree, Luminaya, Delvin, Zizzy Fae, Zenon, Sita Wear, Louise Benton, Clare Sentience, Nature Deva, Biofreq, Logical Unsanity, Full Spiral Designs, Yael, Love n Light, Angel Kimmy, Perry’s Posters, Kat, Izwoz, Random Faerie, Merkaba, Gasong, Decibel, Regen, Black Wattle, Adapted Records, Spiral Soul Tribe, Lime Zest, Omelette Records, Blue Eagle, Nomad Essentials, Twisted Gypsy, Wikkid Sparkx, Rachel by the Stream, Ecoshiatsu, Dreaming Awake Collective, Incase You Were Wondering, Creatura, Yak'nYeti, Magical Creations, Faeries Made Me Do It,