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Fee Nix Creations

Fee Nix Creations is the evolutionary child of Fee Nix, a wildly passionate hula hooper and creatrix. She loves colour and flair, and loves to play with contrast and push her imagination to its limits. She is also a lover of peace and calm (though this does not often find her), she loves flow and is inspired by those much more tranquil than she aspires to be. Being a Gemini this all makes a lot of sense; her twins are polar opposite – one the center of attention, bright and colourful, and the other floating and flowing on her own path, unaware and unconcerned by others around her.

These two personas are seen throughout her creations and initially had their own ranges, but now these two personas also cross over. Fee Nix describes these as the psychedelic and ananda.

The Psychedelic represents the wild, bright and colourful side. This is where her creativity is pushed outward and runs wild. Inspired by other realms, colour, and creative expression itself, this side incorporates all the psychedelic flare you could ever ask for, including crazy costumes, pixie outfits and circus gear along with a few other dancefloor essentials. Each piece is designed to have you feeling super comfortable while making a big impact wherever your adventures take you.

Ananda, the blissful one. ‘This is all about finding your center, finding your bliss, taking a step inside and seeing what is there’ she says ‘it’s about finding your inner god or goddess, or maybe you are pixie royalty or held on high in whichever realm relates to you, I want for you to feel as amazing as you truly are’.

Heavily inspired by crystals and the magic they offer, many of these pieces incorporate crystals to assist in raising the vibration of the wearer. She is also inspired by nature and the elements. She loves to create clothing that gives the appearance of floating and clothing to make you feel the utmost of your being. Though still designed to be comfortable, these pieces are often more fitted and rely on excellent tailoring.

Through this exploration of bliss, Fee Nix also creates wire wrapped crystal jewellery and head pieces incorporating a variety of gifts from nature to create truly unique and one of a kind pieces.

As growth has occurred these two polar opposites have begun to twist, twirl and float together and new creations incorporating both are being unleashed.

All clothing designed and made by Fee Nix is designed to be durable, comfortable and have the wearer feeling on top of the world. It is her mission to bring colour and light into the world one piece of delightful clothing at a time.