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Jean Burgers Jewellery

ean Burgers creates intricate wearable artworks influenced by Sacred Geometry, ancient symbols and patterns from her homeland Aotearoa, New Zealand.

She uses traditional silversmithing techniques to create her jewellery, and cuts all of her metal designs by hand using a peircing saw. She works in sterling silver, gold, copper, brass and recycled wood.

Her aim is to create unique talismanic artifacts, imbued with symbolism which are then added to by the sentiment of the wearer.

She has been making jewellery since 2002, when she learnt from master carver Chris Bone in Golden Bay. Her work is displayed in galleries throughout New Zealand and internationally in Australia, America, Japan and Hong Kong. It is also is available for purchase online through her website.

Her designs are all handcut, carved and polished, making each piece a unique work of art.