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Leela Creations

Leela is a Sanskrit word meaning "Divine Play", consciously moving through the game of life.

This collection of outfits and jewelry has been inspired and created in Bali, “The Island of Gods and Goddesses”. The majority of her clients are Goa people, festival community in Europe, Australia and California, those who appreciate unique designers outfits and those who like on-line shopping and finding something really special and of course those who feel herself being a Goddess, a gentle Princess, magical fairy or a warrior.
Feminine forms and gentle touch of the softest fabric, flowing like air, embracing and caressing like water will allow you to remember your true nature and awaken your gentle yet powerful Shakti.

Some of the designs are made in «trible» style, in natural shades and fabrics,with fraying finishing, that will give you the natural and free feeling.
Elf jewelry made of silver and brass such as ear cuffs with gem stones or feathers and head tiaras with or without gem stones will add a magic touch to your new stunning look. 

Besides this is conceptual collection for conscious souls. Leela uses ancient symbols of Sacred Geometry in her prints and embroidery, that contain Universal Wisdom and the laws of Creation, repeating throughout various cultures and ages around the globe: Flower of Life, Merkaba, Metatron Cube, Tripple Goddess. Also she uses Crop Circle symbols appearing all over the world and containing a strong informational charge, visual contact with which activates our subconscious and accelerates our consciousness evolution. 
While equipment detects the most interesting facts in those places, people experience healing phenomenon and altered states of consciousness.

Love, Abundance and Conscious Evolution are the key words and the core essence of the brand as well as a life goal and main values of the designer.