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Lime Zest

Lime Zest Funky Threads... Comfy... Unique... Limited Edition clothing and accessories designed and made by young mum Leah Koll and partner Ryan on Qld’s Sunshine Coast. 

"Lime Zest Funky Threads, established in 2008 is my creative outlet bringing my passion for art and design to the people through unique, beautifully handcrafted clothing that as a result has been appreciated by a wide range of enthusiastic customer’s at local markets, festivals and events."

"Clothing is Art so don’t be shy to flaunt your individuality”
"Before launching my label I studied Art and Design at University of the Sunshine Coast combined with a Diploma of Fashion at Sunshine Coast Tafe. I've found that running my own business, although at times challenging in this economic climate, is most rewarding as I am able to use a great variety of the skills gained through my studies as well as indulge my passions for design, fabric patternmaking and graphics." 
" I spend a lot of time designing simple, well fitted garments that are comfortable and flattering to a large variety of body shapes. When I have perfected these I am able to decorate the garments however I feel at the time. This way my work is constantly changing. I love to use a number of techniques to make a garment unique including screen printing, felting, appliqué, studding, slashing weaving and adding beautiful fabric panels.”
As an eco aware designer I endeavour to create clothing with respect for people and the environment. I encourage 'Slow fashion' as opposed to over mass-produced disposable fashion by producing quality unique garment that people will cherish. 

"It is such a buzz when people show true appreciation for my designs. I love when after travelling to different events for almost 4 years now I still see people wearing some of my original pieces that I havent made in years and still much loved. I am lucky to have built a following of loyal customers who are always excited to see what limited edition creations I have made to add to their growing collections." 
“The results are endless…limited only by my creativity..”
“I am surprised even myself at how my label has evolved over the years. Since the birth of my son Jahva in 2012 I was worried I wouldn’t have as much time to continue my creative journey… however even though this is true it hasn’t hindered but inspired me and given me new Zest for Design”
“My latest range ‘The lost Tribe’ was inspired by the Mayan’s end of the world prophecy …. 
In the dawn of a new era Lime Zest’s Lost Tribe emerges… not the end of the world as the Mayan’s prophesized but the beginning of a new mind set, encouraging sustainability and eco-friendly fashion.
The result is a unique range of tribal inspired clothing made from 100% organic cotton and faux suede fabric. 
The range is hippie-rock-chick infused with an edge of Indian Squaw.