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Logical Unsanity Books

Specialising in Art, Mythology, Poetry, Psychedelic, Beat & Bizarre Fiction, Religion, Esoteric, Science, Childrens' & Comics; Logical Unsanity Books & Miscellaneous Phantasmagoria is a loose leaf collaboration of spasmodic will travelling the Australian countryside building bookstores, libraries and other literary and artistic doodaas.

Logical Unsanity began as a small press distributing art & poetry journals in 2006.

From a ridge in regional Queensland, Australia, to taxi cabs and a character restaurant strip in West End, Brisbane, Logical Unsanity was soon travelling all along the east coast as a touring bookshop at festivals, conferences, markets, and other events bringing books, art, poetry & music to lovers and philistines alike.

At present (2015/16), whilst we don't tour as much as we used to (though we do have plans), Logical Unsanity Books & Miscellaneous Phantasmagoria is a few bookshops in Brisbane and part of a collective of artists and designers in Melbourne.

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