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Resonant Aromatics

The tradition of burning sacred herbs, resins and aromatic woods to enable greater connection with the elemental forces of Nature is evident in the roots of every culture on earth. Resonant Aromatics revives this ancient practice by offering hand-blended natural incense.

 Resonant Aromatics incense blends are hand-blended in Australia from natural ingredients: aromatic resins, gums, dried flowers, sacred woods, oils and precious herbs.  Native ingredients are wild-gathered or locally sourced. Exotic ingredients are sourced direct from their country of origin. All ingredients are organic where possible.

Blends are created in alignment with lunar energies and are uniquely designed and imbued with loving intention.


  • to promote the use of aromatic smoke to assist in connection to self and source energies
  • to manufacture and supply premium quality incense products created solely from high-grade natural botanicals that are ethically gathered locally or fairly traded from abroad
  • to use ingredients that are sustainably harvested and organic where possible
  • to use eco-packaging: biodegradable and/or made from recycled materials