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Seen Unseen

SeenUnseen clothing aims to bring wearable UV reactive psychedelic art back to the dancefloor. Combining hand screen printed psychedelic art with clean, original designs and high quality manufacture, Seen Unseen offers something unique. After a slap in the face epiphany, had whilst watching the 2012 solar eclipse reach totality, the designer of Seen Unseen knew it was time bring something fresh to the dance floor. Teaming up with the artist Inert Geometry and an amazing band of tailors in Bali the project became manifested reality.

The design concept for SeenUnseen is to produce original clothing with clean lines and relative simplicity, adorned with eye catching, mind bending artwork. Each piece has elements of the subtle and understated, melded with the boldness of UV reactive artwork. Believing that psychedelic does not equal overstated, often only small sections of the artwork are worked into each design, relaying the designers own visions of that which cannot be fully perceived and is often only glimpsed out of the corner of the eye. Functionality of the garment is prized over unnecessary fuss and frills, with each piece being created with its intended purpose (the dancefloor) in mind, paying close attention to comfort, ease of movement and other elements necessary for this environment.

Seen Unseen is manufactured in Bali by a team of people who are well paid and work in comfortable conditions. Artwork is printed onto quality fabric, by hand, one layer at a time. Seen Unseen feels strongly about the necessity to promote ethical production in the garment industry, so you too can feel happy knowing you support this also.

Wrap yourself in SeenUnseen and become a moving piece of Psychedelic art.