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Spacedoll Organic Apparel

Alice SpaceDoll was created in two thousand and ten as a stage persona by singer and performance artist, Millicent Kruger.
Millicent began to write, record and release her own compositions and soon to follow came a keen interest in elaborate and beautiful clothing design. Millicent and her mother, Evelyn collaborated to create what would soon become an essential part of the “Alice SpaceDoll” stage show, and thus, the inspiration behind this clothing range.

After years of performance experience, designing, making and collecting precious handmade articles and rare vintage pieces, Millicent was inspired to create a unique clothing range that was practical, sassy and sexy, but most importantly – sustainable.

Using natural fibres and organic fabrics such as bamboo, eucalyptus, hemp and cotton, Alice SpaceDoll thrives to change the way we view the the commercial fashion industry. Our future goals are to create a truly eco friendly business that will help expand the popularity of these more sustainable materials and promote the use of less plastics and pollution on our beautiful planet, Earth.

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