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My name is Marto, I am a self taught designer and leather smith. I have always sewn but fell in love with leather craft some years ago. After developing my skills, I decided to turn my passion into my career and began living my dream, breathing my designs to life in my technicolor studio. 

The objective of Spunkhyde , is to present original,unique leather wearables that celebrate and embrace individuality. I design for the modern freak..the one who never quite fit in...bringing a mish mangled apocalyptic,punk,futuristic scrambling style that will ever evolve ,made with passion and drive specifically designed to unleash your inner spunk!!

As a solo owner/operator I ensure each piece is individually designed and is made as a one off then released in limited addition lines to assure that you are the only person in the world with your selected piece of leather lush!! Because if we were all the same , it'd just be boring...

Made with love from ethically sourced materials and some re-purposed materials. I seek recycled goods and re-purpose materials where ever possible to promote sustainability. I buy most of my hardware finishings,leathers and tools from small family owned business to support the little guys!! I'm trying to be the change I want to see in this world in an honorable pursuit of achieving my dreams as an artist, designer and leather smith... ethical fashion is my business.

In hopes of people everywhere amplifying their unique qualities and gratitude for the opportunity to chase this dream, I invite you to check out my designs and contribute to my story. Thank you for checking out what I do!

Welcome to the world of Spunkhyde!! Celebrating individuality!!