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Longkingcotech SCR DeNOx Catalyst

Longkingcotech  is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Longking group, which is a professional SCR DeNOx catalyst manufacturer, providing high quality catalysts and engineering services for coal-fired power plant, gas turbines, steel, coking, cement, petrochemical and refinery industries, etc.

Longkingcotech introduced the most advanced catalyst regeneration technology from US, and has built the state-of-the-art catalyst manufacturing facilities, R&D center and testing laboratory. 

Our excellent products, complete catalyst management solutions enable our customers to meet the more and more stringent environmental regulations worldwide with the most reliable and cost effective ways.  

Products and Services:


SCR DeNOx Catalyst:

Longkingcotech  manufactures homogeneous titanium-based ceramic honeycomb SCR catalysts for coal-fired applications that are designed for long-life and high performance.

Our catalysts are ideal for a variety of coal types that produce a range of flue gas properties, particulate characteristics, and temperatures, including high and low dust applications.



Characteristics of our DeNOx catalysts: 

¢Ù¡¡High plugging resistance.

¢Ú¡¡High specific surface area.   

¢Û¡¡High DeNOx removal efficiency. 

¢Ü¡¡Low SO2/SO3 convert ratio.

¢Ý¡¡Low pressure drop and ammonia slip.

Catalyst Regeneration: 

1£®Performance comparison before and after regeneration :

¢Ù¡¡After the regeneration, the chemical activity of the catalyst can be restored to 100% of the fresh catalyst;

¢Ú¡¡The deactivation rate of the regenerated catalyst is equal to that of the fresh catalyst;

¢Û¡¡The SO2/SO3 conversion ratio of regenerated catalyst is effectively reduced compared with fresh catalyst.

2£®Appearance before and after regeneration



Catalyst Inspections&Testing


Focus on NOx emissions control, keep improving the air quality! 

For more information, please visit www.longkingcotech.com 

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